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How to become a Member

It only takes 3 steps.

Open a Membership with Eaton Family Credit Union in 3 easy steps:

1.  Complete an application

2.  Provide a state-issued ID

3.  Deposit $5

1. Complete an application

  • Complete the application online OR download and print an application.
  • Member Information: select what kind of accounts you are applying for
    • Each Member must have a savings account and maintain a minimum balance of $5 in it.
    • Checking and other types of accounts are elective and can be added at any time. Many of these accounts are subject to Member’s credit quality and may not be offered to all Members who do not meet certain requirements.
  • Primary Owner: complete this section with information about you
  • Other Owner: complete this section if another person will be on the account with you. Include as many as people as appropriate.
  • Important IRS Information and Signatures: read these sections.

2.  Provide a state-issued ID

To verify your identity, please provide a current driver’s license or another form of government-issued ID.

Note: if the address on your ID doesn’t match what’s shown on your application, please also provide a copy of a utility bill, pay stub or a similar, official document to verify your address.

3. Deposit $5 into your account

All credit union Members need to deposit and keep $5 or more in their savings account. The first deposit can be made with cash, check, electronically from another financial institution, or online with a debit or credit card. Depending on the initial form of deposit, an additional form may need to be completed and submitted with the membership application.

What’s next?

Within 1-2 business days of receiving your completed application, your account will be active in our system. If there’s a problem opening your account, a Member Service Representative will contact you by phone. Otherwise, all Members will receive a welcome letter and a Membership card with their name and account number on it within 5 to 7 business days.

Have questions? Call 216-920-2000 to speak with a Member Service Representative.