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VISA Credit Cards

Members love our VISA Credit Card for:

Great rates.

No fees for balance transfers or cash advances.

No annual fees, either.

Earn ScoreCard Rewards points to redeem for travel and other incentives.

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VISA Credit Card Rates


12.40% variable APR*

* Based on Prime + 3.90% APR.


13.90% fixed APR

Shared Secured

9.90% fixed APR*

* Secured with money on deposit at Eaton Family Credit Union.

What’s a Share Secured VISA Card?

A Share Secured Visa Card allows you to purchase up to the amount of funds you have on deposit in a special interest-bearing savings account. It’s a great way to start building your credit or rebuilding it as part of a larger plan to restore your credit. The amount you deposit can only be withdrawn when your VISA balance is paid in full and your Share Secured VISA Card is closed. You will get a monthly bill detailing your charges. It is your decision how much to pay. Should you decide to pay your minimum balance you will be charged interest on the account balance.

VISA Giftcards Make Great Gifts!

VISA Gift Cards are available at all our branches in denominations from $25 to $1,000. They’re accepted anywhere VISA is accepted in the United States.

Available for $4.95 / card and free for Members with a VISA Credit Card.

Some fees apply after 180 days.

VISA Credit Card Disclosures

Scorecard VISA Card Rewards Program: Scorecard points are awarded on purchases using all card programs. Delinquent and over-the-credit-limit accounts are not eligible.

Balance Calculation Method: Average daily balance, including new purchases.

25-day Grace Period: On purchases, you have 25 days from the statement closing date to pay your balance in full before being charged a finance charge. There is no grace period on cash advances.

No: annual fee, minimum finance charge, balance transfer fee, transfer fee for purchases and cash advances.

Late Payment Fee: $19 per occurrence. 

Card Replacement Fee: The first card replaced is free. After that, a fee of $10 per card within a 12-month period.

Returned Check Fee: $25.

To Report a Lost or Stolen Card: call 800-808-7230.

Fraudulent Card Activity: If someone from our fraud department calls asking you to verify recent transactions on your account, you can call us back at 800-808-7230. Note: we will never ask for your personal information but will need to verify your account before we can confirm specific transactions.

Rates: Rates are based on Member’s individual credit quality and subject to change without notice.