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Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

Eaton Family Credit Union offers two types of Overdraft Protection to help you avoid the inconvenience, embarrassment and expense of a check returned for non-sufficient funds.

Overdraft Protection

Designate another Eaton Family Credit Union account from which funds can be transferred if you have an overdraft. However, funds must be available to cover the overdraft.

Automatically Covers Overdraft

$500-$2,000 Line of Credit Available

Overdrafts are honored in increments of $50

$2 Transfer Fee

No Overdraft Fee for Non-Sufficient Funds

15% Fixed Annual Percentage Rate On Balances

Overdraft Balance is Separate

Payment is 4% of Credit Line

Automatic Loan Payment

Member Courtesy

A convenient way to avoid fees so your credit score and relationships are not affected.

Automatically Covers Overdraft

Account will be charged our standard NSF fee of $27.50 for each item

Overdraft notice will be sent by mail each time items are paid

Bring checking account balance positive within 30-days

Member Courtesy may or may not be reflected in your checking account

Overdraft Protection
& Member Courtesy Disclosure

Overdraft Protection
& Member Courtesy Opt-in Form